Paa Seck Diery

Sabar Senegalese Dance


Paa Seck Diery was born into the Seck Diery griot family of Kaolack, Senegal, West Africa. In Senegal, the griot carries the history and collective memory of the Senegalese culture. This history is both an oral and musical history. The griot tells the stories and plays the traditional and contemporary rhythms that help define for the Senegalese people who they are within history and who they are right now.

Paa grew up performing with his father’s music troupe, Vieux Seck Group Diery. As a young boy, Paa opened every show for his father's troupe as a solo drummer, solo dancer and solo singer. He also played drums and danced in the troupe, providing music for traditional Senegalese events (weddings, baby showers, and parties), as well as playing regularly in clubs in the Sene-Gambia region. As a teenager, Paa held the position of lead Sabar drummer for the Regional Orchestra of Kaolack.

After moving to Dakar and joining his griot family members Brother Babacar Seck and Uncle Bakane Seck, Paa Seck Diery became well known by local M'Balax musicians as an exceptionally talented and much sought after Sabar drummer. Paa played and recorded with many of the regions most popular artists, including Doudou N'Diaye Rose, Youssou N’dour and Baaba Maal.

After touring Europe, Japan and the United States, Paa came to NYC, where, as a member of the Waow Band, he opened for Salif Keita at the Appollo Theatre and played the festival Celebrate Brooklyn. Paa settled in Boston, MA, USA and formed Paa Seck Diery Band in 2008. Since then, Paa Seck Diery Band has recorded and released 2 full length CDs and one 3 song sampler CD. Paa Seck Diery Band plays regularly at local clubs, private parties, outdoor festivals, as well as schools and universities.

Paa Seck Diery is a dynamic and warm performer, and continues to deliver his very enjoyable M'Balax music to everyone in the world.



Paa Seck Diery is a dancer from Kaolack, Senegal. He teaches the dances and rhythms called Sabar, the popular dance of Senegal, West Africa. Paa grew up in a griot family, and he began learning dancing and drumming at age 3 with his father. He has toured and performed in Europe, Japan, United States, and many countries in Africa.

His dance classes start with a thorough warm up, followed by choreography that is broken down section by section, focusing on technique, execution and comprehension of the Sabar rhythms. The class then follows the African Dance Class format of dancing across the floor in lines accompanied by live drummers. Paa’s style of teaching is clear, clean and precise, filled with the warmth, enthusiasm and the unique stylistic qualities that are found in the traditional and contemporary styles of Sabar.

His expertise as a drummer, musician and dance performer make the classes a fun and thorough learning experience. All levels of students are welcome.