It all started....

In 2016, local artists Baindu Conte-Coomber, Marianne Harkless Diabate and Mckersin Previlus embarked on the journey of creating a dance festival that brings together artists from different dance styles, all connected by their African roots, all having had a major influence on American culture.With the mission of bringing communities together, and increasing cultural awareness and understanding, Racines was born.

Funded exclusively by the trio, Racines hosted its first annual Black Dance Festival on October 21 and 22, 2017. The festival explored the African roots of many diverse dance forms of the Americas by engaging specialists from a wide range of styles to teach workshops in traditional and contemporary African-rooted dance. 

Spanning two days, 15+ local and out of state teachers, and over 25 hours of dance programming, the festival included dance workshops in West African, Brazilian Orixa, Haitian Folkloric, Puerto Rican Bomba, African American Juba & Social Dances, Charleston/Lindy, Tap, Breaking, Locking, Hip-Hop, House, Afro-Fusion and Afro-Beats.The trio also produced a Gala Performance featuring the teaching artists of the festival.

The Racines team extends their deepest thanks to all who participated in the festival and the  incredible volunteers who helped ensure that the festival ran smoothly.   

"This weekend I am appreciative, joyful, educated and tired! Thousand thank you’s... for the Racines Festival and Racines Black Dance Festival Gala Performance...I don’t think I fully expressed how special Saturday night was. That finale was THE most meaningful dance experience I’ve ever had. You’ve created something amazing. "

-Jason Harburger, Dancer, Beantown Lockers, Board Chair, Union Capital, Boston