James "Cricket" Colter

House Dance



James “Cricket” Colter is well-known around the world and as a respected professional street dancer. In addition, he is a well-versed visual artist (sequential art, children’s book illustrations, etc) and director.

Mr. Colter is a founding member of Rennie Harris Pure Movement (RHPM) and worked with the company for over 16 years. During his time with RHPM, he was involved teaching and performing all over the world, and was the lead in the outreach portion of Puremovement’s education programs. In addition, he performed in Rennie Harris’ Bessie award winning multidisciplinary hip hop theater presentation, Rome and Jewels.

His own work includes: teaching at hip hop festivals worldwide, one of which includes the famous Bates Dance Festival held annually in Maine; featured dancer in television commercials, and the successful Disney movie Step Up 2 the Streets; music videos for recording artist, Boys II Men, KRS-1, Will Smith, Eve, Avil Lavigne, Fall Out-Boy, and was the host of MTV Japans Dreamers television show. Cricket constantly finds himself next to movement experts that push the envelope of dance. He has toured and worked with the likes of Bill "Crutch Master" Shannon, Urban tap dancer Tamango Van Cayseeleas and theatrical word smith and dancer from London Jonzi D. Cricket. He has produced and directed various dance pieces, in Philadelphia, and New York City, and worked as director and artistic director on the London based production company Independace’s show, Heroes, a production which he also did costume design on.

Cricket’s artistic mission is to push the limits of the various movements that exist in Hip-Hop and in other contemporary dance forms, by blending various art forms in order to tell a viable story on the concert dance stage, and rid the stigma that Hip-Hop it is merely an athletic form of dance that can only be performed in a showcase setting. Cricket believes through Hip Hop complex stories can be told and the boundaries of theater can be pushed by adding the urban/hip hop aesthetic to costume design, set design, soundscapes, etc. To this end, Mr. Colter has recently founded his own company Crazy-Natives to accomplish the goal.




This dance class focuses on basic House fundamentals and steps, along with basic experimental floor movements with their base in Bboy and House. You will learn the fundamentals of House dance, beginning with basic movements, then moving into choreography. Emphasis is on learning technique, dance steps, understanding the culture, and becoming stronger in floor movement.

The instructor will lead the students thru different methods and games that will give the students skills that can be applied in dance clubs and House dance freestyle cyphers (circles). The class requires the students to have a basic knowledge of House dance.