Moustapha Bangoura

Guinean Dance

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Moustapha Bangoura hails from the West African nation of Guinea. He is a 22-year veteran of the largest and most celebrated dance company from the continent of Africa – Les Ballets Africains.

The internationally acclaimed master dancer, drummer, and choreographer has traveled the globe bringing the colorful musical performance traditions of his homeland to audiences worldwide. Moustapha’s mission is to continue to share his expertise while preserving the richness and authenticity of the culture. He is recognized for his thorough and charismatic technique that is deeply rooted in tradition.

Since 1997 Moustapha has been a traveling ambassador for Guinea--independently conducting music and dance residencies and master classes throughout Africa, Europe, Australia, and the United States. He is sponsored by the Republic of Guinea’ s Ministry of Youth and Culture as an official art and cultural representative.

He has worked with numerous arts organizations, professional dance companies, schools and universities including the University of Florida at Gainesville, Illinois Wesleyan University, New World School of the Art in Miami, University of Montana, Lisangua Ya Bato, Tam Tam Mandigue USA, Abalaye African Dance Ensemble of Los Angeles, Coyaba Dance Theatre of Washington, DC, DunDun Dole of Clearwater, Florida and HolyGoat of Chicago.