Moncell Durden

5,6,7,8 (Pre-Cursors of Hip Hop)



E. Moncell Durden, is an internationally recognized dancer, educator, practitioner, historian, ethnographer, and documentarian. An assistant professor of practice at the University of Southern California Kaufman International School of Dance, specializing in the pedagogical practices of Afro-Diasporic social dance formations over the last four centuries. 

Durden has taught African-American social dance at the University of the Arts (3 years), Drexel University (7 years), University of Bogota Colombia (2hour workshop), Balletakademien, Sockholm Sweden (3 months), Yale School of Drama (2 years), Wesleyan University (5 years), and Bennington College (1 semester). His published works appear in Jazz Dance: A History of the Roots and Branches and the Encyclopedia of African Cultural Heritage in North America. His newest book, Beginning Hip-Hop Dance published by Human Kinetics is also available on Amazon and Barns and Noble. He has contributed an article to the Oxford Handbook on Hip-Hop Dance published by Oxford University Press. His first documentary A history and concept of hip hop dance was published by Dance-time Publications, Durden just released his second documentary Everything Remains Raw as an educational work-in-progress for free access on Youtube. Durden is currently developing an online course for NDEO National Dance Educators Organization.



(Pre-Cursors of Hip Hop)

Title: 5,6,7,8
Forms: Social Dances from the 50s-80s
Dances to be Covered:
1950s The Madison, Philly Bop, Twist and Slop
1960s Slow Twist, Hitch Hike, Twine, Skate, etc.
1970s Chicago Bus Stop, Robot Shuffle, Body Language, etc.
1980s Smurf, Happy Feet, Cabbage Patch, Alf, Running Man, etc.